Technology Driven

Our cutting-edge technology creates engaging and innovative user experiences. We pride ourselves in being a creative group of artistic-techno-geeks who work on budget, on time, and who always deliver above expectations.

Here is a taste of what we have to offer:

  • Sony PMW F55 (4K Raw Camera)
  • Canon 1-DC (4K Camera)
  • Edgertronic High-Speed Camera (700+ frames per second)
  • Quadcopter and Octocopter HD
  • Camera Drone for Aerial Video Unit
  • 360° HD Video
  • Steadycam Scout Stabilizer System
  • 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer System
  • 30 HD Camera "Bullet Effect" Camera Array
  • Motorized Digital Slider
  • Matthews Doorway Dolly
  • Dolly with track
  • All Zeiss prime lenses
  • Top of the line sound equipment
  • Canon 5D, 7D, 60D all HD Camera
  • All LED and Fluorescent Video Lighting
  • All Profoto Photo Lighting
  • 2,500 sq. ft. air conditioned studio/green screen
  • Sound booth
  • Top of the line audio equipment
  • Scuba/Underwater HD Camera

4k Delivering the Future of Televison

4k Image

What is 4k? Simply explained, 4k offers four times the on-screen detail of your current tv broadcasts. The technology is already here and spreading fast. LED and LCD units are selling at prices similar to those of regular units and we can suspect that by CES 2014, other players will join sony's 4k video devices.

Besides being ready with 4k content for the future, filming in 4k also means capturing four time the details, colors and nuances of a scene or product. Even when you downgrade the resolution to regular HD from 4k footage, the quality will be significantly better than if it had been captured in HD to begin with.

360° Immerse Yourself in Video

Are you ready for the "holo-deck" experience? Well, we're not quite there yet, but you can already deliver an immersive video experience that will put your customers in the middle of an interactive world.

360°video has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Faster video processors and better compression methods allow for a high resolution video experience that puts the viewer at the center of live action. Whether delivering this video online, on a domed video screen or using LED goggles, we are now just steps away from offering viewers a truly immersive experience.

360° video gives viewers the opportunity to "see" and "feel" like they are part of the action, not just part of a static image. Watch people moving, take a guided tour, or view a conversation from different points of views -- this technology really allows you to become a part of the action.

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High Speed Blink and You'll Miss It

Slow motion is a way for us to showcase images our eyes and brains would normally not be able to process. It slows down and even stops time to allow us to appreciate the beauty of the moment. High-speed cameras are technological marvels capturing images at rates exceeding 5,000 frames per second (a regular cinema camera is 24 fps). This allows you to break down video sequences for dramatic effects in commercials and films.

Our two cameras offer 720p resolution at 700fps and 2K resolution at 180fps. Great options for any productions requiring that extra-special, hi-tech or romantic slo-mo shot.

Helicopter Eye in the Sky

Don't call these toys! Our ready-to-go drone camera rigs are at the cutting-edge of budget film production. Shots that used to cost thousands of dollars in helicopter charter fees, permits, and insurance are now accessible on more frugal budgets thanks to these state-of-the-art camera rigs. Their small, lightweight size and flexibility allows them to be used in tight quarters and quickly packed up to fit in a suitcase. Active gimbal stabilizer systems cradle the camera for perfectly smooth footage. Aerial shots give your video that “WOW” factor that will leave your viewers speechless!

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